The Way These Children Expressed Their Pain Will Explode Your Heart.

Divorce not only destroys a marriage , it also destroys the lives of innocent kids whose are hearts are not yet ready to bear the excruciating pain which divorce brings along. In a program called Kids’ Turn, children were encouraged to express their feelings through art. What they drew will explode your heart.

I’m guessing where to go…


Some parents have violent, noisy battles. Like my mom and dad.


Divorce feels like…


I feel mad because my parents are divorced.


I’m happy on the outside to everyone I know.


Give this note to your dad.


Mom’s house vs. Dad’s house.


I’m caught in the middle.


I don’t know whether the parents of these children have seen these photos. But I would really never want my child to draw anything like this. Please share it so that people may realise that marriage is not just about their own happiness. I also involves the life of innocent little angels.

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