The First 13 Maps Will Make You Laugh. Last One Will Make You Serious.

These are perhaps the most interesting maps I’ve ever seen. These maps will make you smile, laugh & even make you serious.

1. What America Thinks About  Rest of The World

World According To America

2. World Map of Most Used Web Browsers

Most Used Web Browser

3. World Map of Social Networks

World Map of Social Networks

4. World Map of Bra-Cup Size

Breast Cup Size

5. World Map of Obese People


6. World Fertility Map

Fertiility Rates

7. World Map of Driving Orientation

Driving Orientation

8. World Map of Nations Not Using The Metric System Officially

Countries not using the metric system

9. World Map of Nations England Has Ever Invaded

England Invasion

10. World Map of Most Consumed Alcohol

Most Consumed Alcohol

11. World Map of Nation-wise Freedom of Press

Freedom of Press

12. World Map of Most Popular Sports

Most Popular Sports In The Word

13. World Map of IQ Scores

National IQ Scores

14. World Map of Nations Most & Least Welcoming To Foreigners

Most Welcoming to Foreigners

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