See Why This Bus Driver Stopped The Bus & Left The Passengers.

André Grandin, a bus driver in Sweden, stopped the bus all of a sudden & got out of the bus leaving the passengers inside. However, none of the passengers complained.

All this happened when André, on his journey, saw a 10-year-old girl, Emilia Behrendtz, crying at the side of the road. He immediately, stopped the bus & got out to comfort the girl. After comforting the poor crying girl, witnesses say the driver climbed back on to the bus “without a word” and drove on as if nothing had happened. It later came to be known that the girl had been crying because she was being bullied by other children.

Emma Gustaffsson, a passenger on the bus, took a snap shot while the driver was comforting the girl.


Later it came to be known that helping people was in the nature of André Grandin.


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