Look How Some of The Rich Chinese People Are Torturing Tigers To Death

This is what happens when pleasure is devoid of conscience.

Gruesome torture and killing of tigers just for fun. 

Some of the rich Chinese people gathered together and slaughtered about 10 tigers just for fun. Keep on reading and you shall know how disgustingly they did it.

They Tortured To Death Around 10 Tigers In a Ritualistic Mass Killing, Just To Display Their Wealth & Status.
15 People Have Been Arrested.

It Has Been Found That The Rich Did This Just To Display Their Wealth & Status

A Video Has Been Found Which Shows That The  Tigers Were Bound In Iron Cages and Then Electrocuted Ruthlessly Until They Died. You Can See The Hanging Tongue of The Tiger, Resulting From Repeated High Voltage Shocks.

Tiger bones are sold in China for about 14,000 yuan (nearly $2,254) per kilo & there is while the meat is sold at round 1,000 yuan (nearly $161) a kilo.

There were more than 100,000 tigers at the turn of the 20th century. However, today, fewer than 3,200 remain.

Some of the rich think that we will be impressed by such cruel display of wealth & power. It’s time we told me what we think about it:

“Hey Listen! We’re Not Impressed. It’s Disgusting. If you’re so much fond of impressing us, then go & help the homeless children around you. And stop this cruelty right now.”

Let us all get together to stop this ruthlessness by sharing this news with others.  

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