Why The People In Tanzania Want To Murder Beautiful Children Like Her.

A beautiful white baby girl was born to a Tanzanian family. They named her Angel. She was an albino.

Her father called her ‘a gift from God’.

But this was not the happiness of becoming a father. It was the happiness of getting thousands of dollars that he would get after butchering his daughter and selling her body parts which, people in Tanzania believe, brings fortune.

Angel’s mother managed to save her daughter from the murderous intentions of her husband for several years, but when Angel was 13 he came with a group to butcher her.

Angel’s mother was able to save her child, but she couldn’t save her own parents who were killed as they fought to save their granddaughter from the murderous father.

This is not just the story of Angel. Each and every albino child of Tanzania is in danger.

Called by names as the ‘tribe of ghosts’ or ‘the invisibles’, the albinos of Tanzania are in danger because people believe that their body parts will bring them health and fortune.

A young albino girl plays with her mother in the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam. People want to murder her for her body parts.


Owing to the grave threat the Tanzanian government has opened shelters to save these children but how many will be able to reach these shelters.


Fishermen believe albino hair will help them catch more fish, while miners think their bones will bring them diamonds


Witch doctors use their genitals in the belief that they bring better sexual health.


I don’t know how we can save these children from the 48 million people of Tanzania. Maybe spreading the world will help a little.

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