People Like You Brought Happiness To Two Angels Suffering From Cancer.

A little girl named Hazel Hammserley sent out a message at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

She wrote the message “Send Pizza Room 4112″ on her hospital room window, hoping for a delivery to cheer her up during the day of aggressive cancer treatments. What happened next was amazing.

Reddit users saw the image… and then pizza deliveries began pouring in for little Hazel. She and her friend on the floor got so much pizza, mother Lauren Hammersley actually had to request that people stop sending pizza.

Hazel and her roommate are happily enjoying piles of pizza sent by the Internet users.


 This is how Hazel asked for pizza.


Hazel got happiness when she needed it most.


From now onwards if anyone says you that surfing net is a waste of time, just show him this post. We don’t waste time here. We bring happiness when it is most needed.

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