For The Past 7 Years He Has Slept Over The Grave of His Master Every Night at 6 PM & Refuses to Leave

A German shepherd named Capitan has slept over the grave of his master for the last 7 years. In 2006, his master, Miguel Guzman died all of a sudden. When Guzman’s family returned home from the funeral ceremony, they couldn’t find Capitan around.

Capitan had left home in search of his master.


 Capitan found the grave of his master miraculously.


Since, that day he has slept on the grave of his master every night at 6 pm.


He refuses to leave the grave of his master.


You can still find Captain guarding his master.


To all those who have pets, I would like to say one thing:

“For you, he might be just a part of your life. But for him, you are his whole life.”

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