So, You Don’t Believe In Ghosts. What About Checking These Pics Out?

I don’t know what your beliefs are regarding ghosts, but one thing is for sure. These 13 photos will make you reconsider your beliefs. Don’t sleep alone tonight.

13. Woman at Corroboree Rock, Australia

This photograph, taken in 1959, shows  a a semi-transparent woman wearing a long gown. It seems that she is holding something.


12. Decebal Hotel, Romania

This photograph was taken in 2008 when Decebal Hotel, in Romania, was under construction. People have often reported about seeing a woman in long white dress in the construction site.


11. Queen Anne Bureau Hand

This photo was taken in the early 20th century and, after development, showed a spindly, disembodied hand resting on top of the photo’s subject, a Queen Anne bureau.


10. Specter of Newby Church

This haunting photo was taken in 1963 by Reverend K. F. Lord in Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. Allegedly, some photo experts who have examined the photo say that the startling image is not the result of double exposure.


9. The Ghostly Face of Freddy Jackson

This picture, taken in 1919 of a WWI squadron, appears to show a ghostly face behind the airman in the top row, fourth from left. Members of the squadron who later saw the photo said the face matched that of air mechanic Freddy Jackson, who had been killed in an airplane propellor accident two days before the photo was taken.


8. The Ghost in the Grove

This picture was taken at the reportedly very haunted Bachelor’s Grove in Illinois in 1991. The Ghost Research Society took this photo and this has caused some to doubt its legitimacy, but researchers insist no woman was present at the time the picture was taken.


7. Queen’s House Staircase

This picture, originally intended only to capture the spiral staircase in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in England, was taken in 1966. A shrouded figure appears at the bottom of the stairs. For years, there have been reports of paranormal activity.


6. Ghost of Lord Combermere

This picture was taken in the library of Combermere Abbey in 1891, and appears to show a man sitting in the armchair at left. Family members identified the figure as Lord Combermere, whose funeral was taking place miles away at the time the picture was taken.


5. Worstead Church

In 1975, a picture was taken of Diane Berthelot sitting in the pews at Worstead Church in Norfolk, England. Her husband took the photo and NO ONE was sitting behind her.


4. Boothill Cemetary

This photo was taken in the 1990s. The subject was dressed in 1880s garb and a black and white film was being used. What wasn’t intentional, though, was the small ghost boy also in period clothing that appeared on the film in the background.


3. Grandpa’s ghost

After this woman moved to a nursing home, her family took a picture of her. After getting the film developed, they noticed something strange. The man standing behind her wasn’t there in real life… and it looked just like her deceased husband.


2. Wem Town Hall’s Fire Girl

When the town hall burned down, a photographer, swiftly took snaps of the flames. When he developed the film, he was shocked to see a ghost girl staring right back at him.


1. The Brown Lady

This is one of the most famous ghost photographs ever taken. Some say light was leaked onto the film, but others firmly believe this is proof ghosts exist. It was taken in 1936 in Raynham Hall in England.


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