A Child Was Left To Die By Her Parents But This Dog Saved Her In Time

One day a dog in Bangkok brought home something that amazed the whole world. The name of this dog is Pui.

Pui was roaming around when he saw something in a dustbin.


Pui went close to the dustbin & saw that a new born child, wrapped in plastic, was left to die. Pui couldn’t understand how to handle this situation. However, Pui knew that the situation demanded immediate attention.

So, he brought the baby, wrapped in plastic, to his home & barked aloud to call his owner. 


His owner, Ms.Poomrat Tongmark, was shocked to see this.  She immediatley took the baby to a hospital.

A Child Was Left To Die By Her Parents But This Dog Saved Her In Time

The doctors & nurses found that the child’s condition was critical & hence they worked hard to save the baby.

The child was saved. Since then many people, including Ms.Poomrat Tongmark, have come forward to adopt the child.

Pui was awarded a collar & a medal for saving the child.


Pui saved the child who was left, by her parents, to die. Pui may not have been the first to see the child, but he was certainly the first whose heart told him that no child deserves to be left to die.

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