This Rattlesnake Was All Set To Kill Me But Then My Dog Arrived

This is the story of a dog named Chief who fought with a rattle snake to save his master. I present below the account of the event in the master’s voice.

We were playing tug-o-war in the backyard and Chief let go of the toy and lunged right at my feet, snarling so viciously I was scared of him. I stumbled back, fell on my rump, and by the time I looked back at Chief, he was whipping a long, thin thing back and forth violently. 

This rattle snake was lurking in the grass waiting for the right moment to attack. But my dog, Chief, saw it.

Chief didn’t spend any time in attacking the serpent. The rattlesnake landed a bite on Chief. The venom started to take Chief’s life.

Once we realised that it was an Eastern Diamondback snake, we rushed to the vet.

Thankfully, the ER Vet had anti-venom/antivenin on hand. 

“The ER found more snake bites on him but they think they were dry bites – where the snake didn’t inject venom when it struck. He was even more lucky because the snake struck the bony part of his muzzle which meant the fangs glanced off instead of really sinking in.”

This is what Chief looked like before the bite (a true hero).


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