I Couldn’t Hold My Tears After Seeing What This Girl Did On The Race Track

17 year old student, Meghan Vogel, who had just won the 1,600 meters race & was completely exhausted, was participating in the 3,200 meters finals an hour later. What happens next will melt your heart.

Exhausted Meghan was behind everyone else, when she saw her fellow competitor, Arden McMath collapsing in front of her.

Meghan rushed to support Arden McMath as she saw her collapsing.

Meghan Saw Her Fellow Competitor Arden McMath Collapsing
Ohio High School Athletic Association state track meet in Columbus

Meghan draped Arden’s arm around her shoulders & helped her complete the ¬†remaining 30 meters of the race.

Meghan Helps Arden Complete The Remaining 30 meters

As they approach the finishing line, Meghan  pushes Arden over the finishing line, before crossing it & lets Arden finish first.

Meghan Pushes Arden Before Her at The Finishing Line

Meghan knew very well that she will be disqualified for helping her competitor, yet she decided to help her. Not only that, she let her competitor finish the race before her.

Arden remembers that she blacked out before Meghan came to her rescue. If you have ever blacked out then you must be knowing how helpless it makes you. All you want at such a time is a helping hand that would save you from collapsing on the ground. When Arden was about to collapse, Meghan had a choice to make & I think that she made the right choice.

If you too think that she made the right choice by helping a competitor who had blacked out, then please share it so that others too may get the inspiration to love unconditionally.

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