This Dog Was Tearing The Autistic Boy,4, When A Cat Came To The Rescue

Jeremy Triantafilo, a four years old autistic boy, was sitting on his bicycle outside his family’s home in Bakersfield, California on Tuesday when the dog escaped its home through an open gate and grabbed him from behind. This dog dragged the little boy to the ground and started tearing his leg with its fangs. But then the little boy’s cat, Tara, came to save him. Scroll below (you’ll see the surveillance footage) to know how it all happened. 

Jeremy Triantafilo was outside his family’s home when a neighbor’s dog escaped and ran towards him


He suddenly grabs the boy by the leg and pulls him to the ground before viciously shaking him


Tara the cat can be seen running towards her beloved owner as the dog shakes him


The cat launches herself at the dog and knocks it away from Jeremy before chasing it away


Tara follows the dog to make sure it has left, before returning to check on Jeremy


This is the injury the little boy got from the dog.


Tara the cat sits for her first interview with Jeremy, whose bandaged leg can be seen


The cat happily lets the little boy kiss her as he calls her a hero who saved him from a ‘mean dog’


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