A Cancer Patient Drawing Her Wish On A Mirror? Do You Want To Help Her?

Life took a turn she was not prepared for. After all, how could she have prepared herself when she didn’t even know what cancer was until it started manifesting upon her in the cruelest form?

The little angel that you are seeing below is a cancer patient drawing her wish on a mirror. 

A girl with cancer who draws her wish on mirror

Do you want to help her? I’m sure you want. Please continue reading & I’ll tell, in a while, how you can bring happiness back in her life. It wouldn’t cost you money.

  • Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer worldwide.
  • 80% of these children can’t afford the treatment.
  • 100% of them undergo an emotionally devastating experience.
  • Questions asked from fellow students & others due to apparent physical deformity & prolonged absence from school (for chemotherapy) add to the depression. Many of them have to repeat in the same class the next year.
  • 100% of them need extraordinary love & care. Not only from their parents but also from each & every person they meet.

Chemotherapy is expensive & not all of us can help, a child suffering from cancer, financially. But, all of us can give her the love & care she needs at the most difficult time of her life. Look around; may be you’ll see a child drawing a wish on the mirror.

Now you have a heart which is filled with love for children suffering from cancer. Please share this story with others too if you wish to fill their hearts with love as well.

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