His Teacher Had Helped Him Come Out of Poverty & Violence Through Music. Today He Plays The Violin at His Teacher’s Funeral.

The, heartbroken, child in picture is Diego who is crying at the funeral of his teacher, who had helped him come out of poverty and violence through music. 

Boy Playing The Violin at His Teacher's Funeral

His teacher Evandro João da Silva, used to work with an NGO (Afroreggae), which aimed at involving children in activities like music, dance, football etc. so that these children do not fall in to the dark world of drug trafficking & violence.

Evandro was not just teaching violin to these children. He was protecting them from the evils of drug trafficking & violence.   

Evandro João da Silva

Diego, could never forget his teacher. His eyes betrayed him, each time he played the piano after this.

Diego plays the piano

Unfortunately, Diego died of leukemia four months later. But as long as he lived, he played the piano to raise donations for helping sick children.

Diego is no longer with us but can we let his story die too? Let us all share his story of love & compassion with others.

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