Apart From Engineers These Cuties Also Stay At Facebook Headquarters.

About a year ago, employees at Facebook started noticing something really adorable around their Menlo Park headquarters – baby foxes. As if Facebook wasn’t already one of the greatest places to work, now it just got even better. Check out these pictures that the employees have taken.

One of the three baby foxes peeks out for a photo 🙂


Seen roaming the stairs.Where’s my like button?


Huddling together, possibly to take over the company


Cuddling…can I join?


A beautiful animal…


…with very nice colors


They really seem to like the camera 🙂


Nice hiding spot, but we can see you


After a long day of Facebooking, time for a nap.


If any of you are concerned about their well being, don’t worry. Facebook has already implemented a “No chasing and no feeding – mutual respect” ordinance. They’ve also contacted wildlife services to ensure the foxes’ protection. Now click the Like button below for these adorable little cuties

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